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SVN r9658

Can someone confirm the problem, please ?

PSION series
Example: Organizer II CM

Delete first the old NVRAM file if exist.

Start the psioncm driver (with disabled saved system state). All seems to be ok.

[Linked Image from img338.imageshack.us]

Exit MESS, a new NVRAM file was created.
Start now the psioncm driver ((with disabled saved system state) again and check.
It seems, the created NVRAM is wrong.

[Linked Image from img199.imageshack.us]

The only way is to start the driver with saved system state to skip the initialization or to delete the NVRAM file again.

Hi Anna,

As I noted in the source, the NVRAM works only if the machine is turned off (with OFF menu) before closing MESS

Try do this:

- delete the old NVRAM file.
- start the emulation
- turn off the machine with the OFF menu
- closing MESS

This should work in all Psion series.