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SVN r9658

Can someone confirm the problem, please ?

PSION series
Example: Organizer II CM

Delete first the old NVRAM file if exist.

Start the psioncm driver (with disabled saved system state). All seems to be ok.

Exit MESS, a new NVRAM file was created.
Start now the psioncm driver ((with disabled saved system state) again and check.
It seems, the created NVRAM is wrong.

The only way is to start the driver with saved system state to skip the initialization or to delete the NVRAM file again.

Hi Anna,

As I noted in the source, the NVRAM works only if the machine is turned off (with OFF menu) before closing MESS

Try do this:

- delete the old NVRAM file.
- start the emulation
- turn off the machine with the OFF menu
- closing MESS

This should work in all Psion series.