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SVN r9658

MS-DOS 3.10/Welcome 2.00B Disk
Image format: .DSK/.IMA

The Floppy Disk Interface still have a regression.

[Linked Image from img191.imageshack.us]

Last working version: MESS 0.138 (maybe with hack)

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DL for the wd17xx log

SVN r9861

Updates to i86 CPU core to fix problem with cirtain combinations of instructions
being flagged as illegal on the i186.
Update to wd17xx to re-add multiple sector writes as required by rmnimbus
Minor updates to the rmnimbus driver to return it to a working state.

About the Nimbus driver fix I�m not sure.
It hangs on my build and will not load MS-DOS.
Can be the reason the MAME 0.141 core update or my build ?
Someone can test it, please ? The test software is on FTP for Devs (incoming folder).

SVN r9658

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MESS 0.138 (working)

[Linked Image from img810.imageshack.us]