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nice work Etabeta

will this feature be added to the UI ?

and if so does this mean different snapshots will be displayed for every game in the snapshot TAB? smile

UI is not my league. Time will tell if any other dev is interested in adding support for software snap display. At least now, there it could be possible.

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would it not be a good idea to have a romanized name too then, as MAME has? It's good to have the native language titles, but not so useful as far as frontends / commandline (if unsupported) etc. is concerned.

If anything I'd have the native language names in an extended field, and a romanized name as the main one.

I suggested Barry to use only Romanized descriptions as well, when he first added fm7 lists, but he said it was easier for him to create the list in that way.

given that internal UI displays those characters just fine (if you have them in the fontset you're using), until now there were no visible bad effects coming from his choice.

Now that we have indeed a 'bug' due to using Japanese chars, we can maybe re-discuss the thing: feel free to point out the problem to Barry (I'm working on other things, atm)