I got this bug yesterday while testing games on the tutor/pyuuta driver using the softwarelist
mess pyuuta -cart tutor

Exception at EIP=77C47B26 (not found): ACCESS VIOLATION
While attempting to read memory at 00000000
EAX=0022F717 EBX=00000010 ECX=00000004 EDX=7EFEFEFF
ESI=00000000 EDI=0022F717 EBP=0022F740 ESP=0022F6B8
Stack crawl:
  0022F740: 77C47B26 (strncpy+0x0096)
  0022F780: 01039E19 (not found)
  0022F850: 0103D6BA (not found)
  0022F930: 0108A6D3 (not found)
  0022F960: 0108A900 (not found)
  0022FA20: 01162A69 (not found)
  0022FA40: 01162CC2 (not found)
  0022FAD0: 00FEA329 (not found)
  0022FB60: 00FEAAB3 (not found)
  0022FC20: 01011F2A (not found)
  0022FD60: 0112B7E3 (not found)
  0022FEF0: 00B36119 (not found)
  0022FF30: 012F916E (not found)
  0022FFC0: 004013D1 (not found)
  0022FFF0: 7C817067 (RegisterWaitForInputIdle+0x0049)

I was testing to see what game work on what system for myself and usually change the machine and got it wrong one time