btw, I'd still like to see some kind of quick-start configuration layer built on top of this as some part of the road map. (something to tie a system configuration, and device configuration together under a single name.

As mentioned before this could be your
mess system quickstart
launch params

for basic use of something like PCE-CD the syntax and knowledge of the PCE system required is still too complex for your average user.

the current -cart and -floppy options would still exist for if you wanted to use a quickstart and override options in it.

this of course needs significant amounts of further work, but with everything maturing well I thought I'd mention it again.

this would also be more flexible than the simple 'messram' thing that exists at the moment, instead that could simply become a series of easily creatable and easily tweakable quickstart xmls for the systems, including other configuration data too.

will need planning out properly tho, like any major feature :-)