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quick test of best match -- looking good, would definitely prefer 10 matches like MAME rather than 5 tho. User-friendliness just went up by about 5000% tho :-)

I had reduced to 5 because of multiple lists being scanned, but I think we can push it back to 10 now that Micko sent me a fix for that.

I fear there could be some weird combo of system + device resulting in more than one list to be scanned, but it is so uncommon that people can leave with 20 outputs in that (rare) case wink

concerning user friendliness, I wanted for a long time
- configurable snapnames (also to involve AntoPISA with our softlists wink )
- best matches for lists
- proper xml output for listsoftware (otherwise, lazy Roman will never do any work on the clrmame side)
- no more empty files created if you enter the wrong softlist name for writable devices (e.g. cassettes)

all of those are done at last. I just needed some spare time, and these 2 days with fever arrived at the perfect moment smile