Rev. 10041: Added capability of mounting specific parts of a software element from Internal File Manager.

With this revision I have added the capability of loading specific parts of a software item in each device. Say you want to load disk 2 of the game albatros for FM7.
Then you have now two possiblities:

1. you can use the already supported command line option

mess fm7 -flop1 albatros:flop2

2. you can enter the Internal UI, select the File Manager, select the Floppy Drive you want, choose the software list and select Albatros. While until yesterday only the first disk would have been loaded, now you are prompted with a final submenu which displays the available disks you can mount. This should make easier to play some of the Japanese RPGs which require sometimes the 2nd of the 3rd disk to be mounted at start smile


With this final addition, I seriously believe that all the basic functionalities have been finally added to software lists.

For sure more options can be added later to make easier changing disks or launching games with various devices required at start, but I think that now softlists are mature enough to be considered "officially supported" and not anymore a work in progress or a developer-only gamepark!!

Now I think I'll go back to improve some of the Nintendo xml lists wink