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Wrong. Yes, DirectSound was rewritten in Vista, but the results are that in the normal case it's significantly more reliable and breaks up less.
Not if you have a buggy audio driver, which has proven to be the cause for the majority of people who have hit this issue.

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There are tens of thousands of games, emulators, and audio editing/production programs which use DirectSound and show no audio drama on Vista/7 without the use of a separate thread. This includes MAME/MESS, FBA, Raine, ElSemi's Model 2 emulator, bsnes, pSX, and pretty much anything else you might have played.
Have you examined the source code for ALL of those? This is quite a sweeping claim to make, especially coming from someone who has spent all of... what, 5 minutes?... looking into this problem.

I've looked at source code for many other emulators, and they mostly do it the way FCEUX does it (e.g. the way I've described).

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Unless the system is too slow to maintain 100% frame rate, there is no problem.
Wrong. The issue here is the correctness of the DirectSound ring buffer playback implementation inside the audio driver. Some drivers (specifically a lot of Creative Labs' drivers) get it wrong, causing the lock/write calls to the buffer to stall and/or reporting incorrect information back to the application about the current state of the buffer. Both problems can cause audio skips regardless of how fast the rest of your system is.

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And in the process destroy the audio/video cycle sync that is the heart of NEStopia.
Absolutely wrong. Creating a dedicated background thread that pulls audio data out of a software buffer and jams it into the DirectSound playback ring buffer in no way destroys audio/video sync. All it does is (1) eliminate buffer contention, and (2) guarantee that the DirectSound buffer never gets starved for data due to a momentary hiccup in the performance of the main emulation thread.

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these sound problems don't exist in e.g. 1.08 on the same PCs that exhibit problems with 1.41
What proof do you have to back up this claim?

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