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Can someone please confirm that this Audigy SE board causes the audio problem with Nestopia using the latest drivers available from Creative Labs? If so, I'll order one and see if I can get a repro.

I have not tested that card with the latest driver. I do have and utilize that sound card though.

It does not cause any sound problems for me. Under both XP SP2 & SP3 for any version of Nestopia, including the latest official and unofficial versions all perform fine; including applying the NTSC filter and HQ filters with a P4 2.8Ghz desktop. I have the following driver installed for years now with that card:

Driver Date: 8/11/2006
Driver Version:

I have had no sound issues with any of the following emulators and more: dsemul, CPS3, Crystal, Daphne, FB Alpha, MAME, Mjolnir, Model 2, Modeler, Makaron T12, Nebula, RAINE, Viva nonno, ZiNc, AppleWin, XGS32, kat5200, STeem, AdamEm, CCS64, WinVice, WinUAE, blueMSX, WinX68k HighSpeed, Stella, MESS, Nostalgia, Project64, ePSXe, Kega (Fusion), MekaW, ZSNES, bsnes, Ootake, Magic Engine, 'MADrigal' simulators, Mednafen, Visualboy Advance, Neopop, Visual Pinball/VPinMAME, Atari800 Win(Plus), Altirra, Handy, ProSystem, pSX, SainT, DOSBOX, ScummVM...

As well as a slew of PC games. :-)

I have read the nightmares, and rather not break something that works beautifully in my system. In another couple of months, once I finally buy a new machine, I may be able to test then. For anyone else with that card, I of course highly recommend the driver listed above.