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Hi. I ripped some CD-i Games from my actual discs, and using CHDMAN, I converted them all to CHD, from BIN/CUE, but all the CHD Files are super small, and don't seem to start in MESS. Am I doing something wrong?

Try CD-i Fan�s tool called " cdifile " (Download section). Very easy to convert a CD-i disc image file to chd format. This tool support different CD file formats.

cdifile CDIFILE -createcd

cdifile cd.cdi -createcd
cdifile cd.bin -createcd
cdifile cd.nrg -createcd

Unfortunately, newer versions of chdman are no longer supported by cdifile 0.5.1.
Try a older one of the chdman, example: version 0.135.1 (Nov 9 2009)

cdifile and chdman must be in the same folder.

Try the demo of " Frog Feast " (Copyright 2005-10 RasterSoft )
Here the right format for MESS.
If you have still problems, something must be wrong on your version, configuration or may the needed Bios is missing (MESS).
If the Frog Feast demo is working but not your image, something must be wrong on your created .CHD image.