Nestopia 1.41.1 unofficial release.

For those of you like me having dual monitors and your TV connected to the secondary display I've now added support for running Nestopia in fullscreen mode on non-primary displays. smile

Binaries and source code can be downloaded from:

Unofficial 1.41.1 - by Geestarraw ( (May 17, 2011)



- Added fullscreen support for non-primary monitor displays.
- Modified Video Options dialog component layout and added device index to
identify mutiple monitors.
- Refactoring.
- Code documentation.


- Fixed so menu is still displayed after fullscreen monitor to monitor switch.



- Converted solution and projects to Visual Studio 2010.
- Improved version enumeration previously locked to x.xx (exactly 3 digits) to
be anything from y.y, y.y.y, and y.y.y.y (where y can be up to 4 digits).
- Changed build output target to nestopia.exe.


- Fixed bug in version enumeration always excluding highest version number.
- Moved unofficial 1.41 release notes to official changelog file.