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...you have to admit that it wasn't too polite of him to drop-off the face of the earth without saying a word, either. I think a small explanation is in order.

Sorry, but I disagree. Is he a relative of yours or a close personal friend? This is the internet, and we're taking about emulation. Not life and death matters. He doesn't owe an explanation or have to tell anyone if and when he comes and goes. With all due respect, Samurai Fox, this kind of attitude cracks me up and unfortunately is quite common in this hobby. Emulation authors are not impolite or owe anyone a word if they choose never to be involved in the hobby again. If you had a working or personal relationship with him, and he just disappeared, I maybe understand your point.

How much did Nestopia cost again? What guarantee and support was promised? Trying to hunt someone down or nag them about a project where it is more than clear they chose not to participate in for the time being, which was provided for free, baffles the mind. The sense of entitlement and rights individuals perceive, especially in a virtual world, never ceases to amaze me.

Yes, it would be fantastic if Marty returned to Nestopia and even other or additional projects; but, willingly on his own terms without people hunting him down fooling themselves with the belief they're owed an explanation (small or otherwise).

When and if he comes back, if he provides a reason for his departure - great...If not, that's great too. Either way, it is not a reflection of whether he is being polite or owing us anything. Nonetheless, nagging and hunting him down is rude and impolite in view of the circumstances and facts of the matter. He is an emulation author who gave freely into a project which he shared with the world with no guarantees, promises, or obligations. We're owed nothing.

Anyhow, respecting the sound issue for some, it would be wonderful if it worked perfectly for all, but still believe core emulation issues will always trump sound/video/controller layers for any emulator...But again, that's just my opinion for emulation priorities; to each their own. wink