I own a very rare computer which is, as yet, not in MESS. I would be happy to send it to anyone in the MESSdev team for analysis and inclusion in MESS. It's the Hanimex Pencil II, and here's the info on it:


The process of emulating it should be fairly straightforward, as it's basically a Colecovision with a keyboard.

I'm based in Australia. Happy to cover the shipping costs, within reason. I figure there are probably only 2-3 of these left in the world, and I don't want to see it disappear entirely. I *think* I also have some software for it.

I don't need it back.

BTW, I (somewhere) also have kept the EPROMs and service manual for the Philips P2200 "luggable" CP/M computer. The computer itself was a beast, and I didn't keep it, but the manuals contain the full schematics. I also have the software. Same offer applies for this, although the hardware is less interesting as it's yet another boring CP/M-80 system.