for reading proms, before i got a programmer which handled them, i used a piece of solderless breadboard (yknow, with the holes with little springy wipers inside) and a dip24-ended cable which i'd plug one side into programmer and the other into the breadboard
then wire up, with wires, the expected 2732 or mc68764 pinout of the programmer to the inputs and outputs of the prom; this works very well for proms up to 64kbit in size.

Also, sometimes the new programmer refuses to read a chip (phantom overcurrent, pins that are unconnected internally, and sometimes just plain luck), and when that happens i go back to the old system. Currently I have the breadboard wired up with a crystal and a 9v battery (to supply -5v in a hackish way) in order to dump intel 8021/8022 chips.


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