Hopefully this is the best place to get help with this. I'm not at home right now, so I'll try my best to discribe my issue. I've got a desktop PC with Windows 7 64-bit on it. I had installed TortoiseSVN v1.7.3 along with minigw (c:\minigw). I had downloaded the MESS source in to C:\MESSSRC using TortoiseSVN and that was successfull. I was also able to compile the entire source code right after downloading it using the following commands:

set path=mingw\mingw64-w64\bin
make -j6 (I have an AMD 6-core processor, so I think -j6 is correct.

Since then, (which was a few days ago), there are been numerous updates and I had used TortoiseSVN to update the source code by right clicking and then clicking on "update" within the C:\MESSSRC folder, which went fine. I was also able to compile the source code once or twice since, however once Aaron made some changes, (rev 13814), I can't compile the source code anymore, and after minigw tries to link the mess64.exe file, I end up with an error code 1 (after a bunch of code scrolls). I'll try and attach a screenshot when I get home of the DOS prompt window. I can continue to update the source code with TortoiseSVN, and everything appears normal when compiling the source code, but always gives me an error 1 at end when trying to create the mess64.exe file.

I decided I'll start over from scratch on my laptop and I can compile the source code on it, (haven't tried any updates yet though) just not on my desktop anymore. Am I doing something wrong here? It was working, it just won't work anymore for some reason. Also, not sure if this is a coincidence or not, but I've noticed on Bobz Automatic MESS SVN Build page, it says "build error", and the last successful build was the last time I was successfully able to compile the source code from an update, (rev 13813).

Any ideas? Thanks all.