I have a number of IBM incompatibles in my collection. I'll attempt to list them -




Tandy 2000

Epson QX-10 w/Titan (arguable a *real* compatible though I guess, w/addition of Titan board. QX-16 was more or less the same AFAIK)

Xerox 16/8

Canon AS-100

IBM Displaywriter (?) - not a DOS puter

DEC Rainbow

Canon VP-3000 (a dedicated word processor, doesn't run any form of DOS AFAIK. If anyone has disks or images for it though, please let me know).

Televideo Personal Mini PM/16T (I think that's the model I have, not a DOS puter per se)

Northstar Dimension (also not a DOS puter, at least not natively)

AT & T 6300 (largely a compatible I guess)

Research Machines NIMBUS PC-1? motherboard only

that's all I can think if right now. Getting images made of these dinos will take time, seeing I have a hernia or something, and can't lift much.

Do you mean to tell me creating a hex dump w/BASIC isn't a useful image (of sorts)?