Just what is an NCR DMV??? I know what a Decision Mate is, as well as a PC4/PC4i (have 3 in less then mint condition, all green), but never knew of a DMV. I did see what likely was a Data Mate or something (met this Mormon lady who worked for NCR, and was the only person on planet earth who seemed to know what I was talking about. I saw the thing in a thrift store, but declined to grab it, wasn't a collector per se yet).
I know you're busy. When you get a chance, can you provide a picture? I have a sneaking feeling I know basically what it looks like already (sort of like a Lisa, right?).
I'll probably wind up giving away 2 of the NCR PC4s before long. If anyone's interested. I passed up a color model once, practically brand new. I'm still kicking myself.