Indeed, I needed two cups of morning coffee to be able to get through the first paragraph even (then again I'm barely functional before two cups of coffee).

I get the whole thing with code as a descriptive and functional legacy of how things work and that's what I find so fascinating with REAL emulation as opposed to just 'getting the games to run'.

Then it got a bit too deep for me, same things said about code and it's lack of emotional responsiveness and it's tendency to always 'be there' could also be said about my right shoe.

Then again how about we register code as a religion and get some nice tax deductions and holidays?

I can see the sermons before me -'In the name of the source code, the editor and the holy compiler' or how about -'If your faith is wavering, turn to the debugger, he will give you answers and set you on the right path', or -'even though I walk through the silicon valley of the shadow of segfaults, I will fear no bugs'...