Amazing work on this driver JD. Not sure if this is the proper thread to post issues in, but All-Star Baseball 2001 (U) crashes during the intro with this message:

CIC-NUS-6102 detected
  000000000022D518: 0000000000C4C829 (not found)
  000000000022D520: 000007FEFF552D90 (_iob_func)
  000000000022D528: 000000000022D520 (not found)
  000000000022D530: 000000000022D528 (not found)
  000000000022D538: 000000000022C880 (not found)
  000000000022D540: 000000000022D690 (not found)
PC=00001FAE: Unimplemented op 02E0200C (00,0C)

I ran it just to see what would happen with a game that used hi-res mode. It seems to be crashing right as the game is transitioning from the intro into the main game menu. If the driver is not at a stage where bug reports are needed please let me know.