I hope you don't mind if I get back on topic...

Tried this on 32-bit, with my meagre collection..

* mario64 - Splash screen, it says "Mario!", then black screen

* castlevania - intro works fine but just before going ingame it crashed mess

* Battle for Naboo - first few seconds are good, followed by white screen, then a few corrupted hexagons, followed by black screen. But the music keeps playing.

* 40 winks - "This game is not designed for use on this system"

* Frogger 2 - works but no sound

* Power Rangers - "This game pack is not compatible with this system"

* WWF No Mercy - this started ok - it's the first time it has ever worked - but just before going ingame, it crashed mess.

** However there is a new problem - whenever a new cart is loaded through the menu, mess exits with the message 'Out of memory!'. When restarted, then it starts to do something.

Overall, it does seem somewhat faster, and i found a demo which not only runs, but easily reaches 100% speed. smile