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Also, %79 doesn't do what you want, anyway

I give up. it's not my day and I have a brand new super stupid post to add to my pedigree. I have to check what I had written in the code I was testing last night (to see how stupid I have been), but already not spotting that I was posting %79 instead of %80 in two occasions (last night and this morning), is more than enough to justify any attack directed to me since last night: I deserved them all :P

EDIT: ok, my self esteem is partially safe: the code I tested did not contain %79, but %80, so I don't need to hide my head in a brown paper bag.

Anyway, this does not change at all the fact I had not realized in two separate occurrences I was posting the wrong mask on a public forum, so please keep bashing me a bit more (maybe explaining me how to do operations with two digits, since my fingers are not enough wink ) so that next time I check if my brain is correctly plugged-in before posting such embarrassing things...