By the way, for all you nuts out there who have an overclocked rig able to run 3D N64 games full-speed, I just checked in a fix for the correct-but-late audio issue that (as far as I know) plagued the majority of games. I also dialed up the PI DMA speed from 10 cycles per word to 3 cycles per word. I'm not sure what exactly this fixes, but sometime between the last time I regressed them and now, the following changes have occurred in my test cases:

- F-Zero X shows the N logo before hanging (black screen before).
- Gex 3 shows the legal screen before hanging (black screen before).
- Quake 64 seemed to run farther in-game before hanging.
- Madden Football 64 seems to run farther in the intro rather than hanging, and it no longer attempts to perform a bunk TLUT upload, thus fixing characters in the "Exhibition" menu.