Balrog did all of the heatgunning, soldering and leg-repair work, I just helped breaking apart the pcb to get half the chip out, prying the other half of chip until it came halfway out leaving a bunch of legs behind, and messing with the (repaired) chip until it dumped properly.

Also I think we're going to have a proper viking funeral for the LK201 which died for this purpose, involving relieving pent up frustration about how insanely difficult it is to repair shorted membranes on a keyboard whose membrane stack is plastic-peg-melt-fastened-together to the keys and metal plate with about 200 pegs, and whose pcb has razor sharp membrane contacts which shred the membrane traces when you pull them out. Funeral may also involve baseball bats. Video will be taken of the event for those unable to attend.


"When life gives you zombies... *CHA-CHIK!* make zombie-ade!"