Poisk-1 (literally, Search-1) -- another cheap PC workalike with integrated keyboard. This one is even less compatible -- it has CGA-like video, but doesn't have a text mode (nor a MC6845) and uses a hardware+BIOS hack to make existing programs work -- access to video memory and registers causes a NMI. There were two motherboard revisions (with 128K and 512K of memory) and six 'system models'.

CPU clock is higher (5 MHz), there's no DMA and no keyboard controller.

Motherboard has only a cassette port (and no ROM BASIC), but has 4 expansion slots and plenty of options:
- RAM expansion with and without a printer port
- serial + parallel port
- floppy controller (driven by a FD1793 clone)
- MFM HDD controller (driven by a WD1010 clone)
- IDE HDD controller
- mouse, joystick controllers
- software modem (2400 baud)
- PROM programmer
- sound card
- ROM cartridges

MESS status -- has dumps, machine description is totally wrong.

Technical manual -- http://web.archive.org/web/20070108082522/http://www.poisk-computer.net.ru/txt/poiskto.txt (no keyboard schematic there)