I thought it might be interesting to add a generic topic like this, where new ROM dumps (either for completely new systems or new dumps for existing ones) could be posted.

I'll start with the following:

Motorola PowerStack II boot ROM
Dumped from an Am29F040.

system specs:
- PowerPC 604e(? not sure since I didn't remove the heatsink, it's supposed to be a 200 MHz CPU)
- PCI Cirrus Logic CL-GD5446-HC-A video card without BIOS
- Symbios Logic 53C825A SCSI
- DEC 21140-AF network chip, DP83840 PHY
- Winbond W83C553F-G chipset
- Crystal CS4236 audio
- PC87308-IBN/VUL SuperIO
- 3xISA + 3xPCI, both on a riser card
Other chips (memory controller?):
- 94G0178/IBM98 PQ/19625A5797/JAPAN
- 20H2842/IBM 98/19651E2923/JAPAN

(I have a second machine of this type where I could dump the ROM for reference as well, might have a different one)