UK-NC -- school computer (was not available in stores). Two CPUs (second CPU used for I/O, sound etc.) with PDP-11 instruction set, color graphics, sound, integrated keyboard, serial networking. Teacher's workstation also had dual 5" floppy drives, printer, and (sometimes) color monitor; several RT-11-derived operating systems were available, and lots of commercial educational software.

Had its own trade magazine and plenty of games (not sure if there were originals, but definitely a lot of ports).

MESS has a very skeletal driver (uknc), but two other (fairly accurate) emulators exist -- open-source UKNCBTL ( and closed-source EmuStudio ( The latter also emulates graphics controllers of earlier DVK desktop (more on that later) -- as the author says, he wrote the emulator just to play LAND (sort-of like Lode Runner) :-)

Technical manual:

CPU technical manual: and