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It means right now this isn't supported. I know what I'd have to do to make it work, but the HTML editor doesn't support this in the same way as the browser right now (simply because it was never meant to be used like a browser wink ).

Ahhh, Ok...
I'd knew that, hehe... (btw, I think that I already suggested a way to use templates like a browser without using in the editor :p)
About templates, I want to finish that soon, and so long I reach the best that I can do for that, it will be very rare to receive future updates. That's why I want to put features that only will be avaliable in future (such .pdf support and javascript full support wink - if you're plannig more things that affect templates and are coming, but don't are supported yet, you can tell me that I try to give support for new things if that improve the templates use experience)
Just don't look for this as a pressure for implementation of these features in any way, just take your time smile

Ps.: Even we know that everyone have a real life, I have to say that you dedication for the project it's so inspiring smile

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