RenÚ, I think that rather use notes area for show templates, a better aproach is to creating a new tab area called, for example "templates" that in truth show the MiniWebBrowser, but with full custom QMC2 macro compatibility (if that's possible, opf course). A few arguments that corroborate this opinion:

1) The "note area", have a some toolbars, such "Standard toolbar", "Formating toolbar" (showed by default), and plus menubar and "WYSUWYG/HTML" tabs (that cant't be hide), that in fact, don't contribute for template use experience and plus spend a lot of precious area that could be used for templates itself. Some people can call them "trollbars". I think that they are useful. Of course if used ONLY for note edition (and not for templates use). And, at less in my view point, the big dificulty for template creation is to show more information possible in smallest space possible, without creating a visual pollution. Since just a <br> could ruin a visual experience of template, imagine with all those bars.

2) Everytime that a new feature are add in "notes", that's are very celebrated, since a new feature create a possibility of brand new options for template creation. But wait: miniWebBrowser already have full html,css, javascript, ajax, etc. etc. support. Sometimes the work spend in note support are only reinventing the wheel. And plus note that approaching not only make easier for templates creation (since the the user can use full use of all the features and languages supported in MiniWebBrowser), but that also make easier for all the QMC2 support. smile

3) As was said long time before in somewhere, a exclusive template area are a lot more intuitive for new users. Well, note that "notes" stand for a place for user create "notes", and not for template use. Btw, new users usually try to open template in "File->Load" until discover that the right place to choose a template are in options menu. With a "Template tab" the users will know that him have to choose a template in and they will eventually find the place in options menu (since don't will have a no more any other option that can confuse him).

4) A place for exclusive use of template avoid for user accidental edition.

5) Some people can clain that use a new detail area for use of templates can take away the possibility for write user his own comments. But:
i) if it's really imprencidible, it will be possible to use the macro $ID$ for save each system templates in a default folder using a script.
ii) User Comments are a good adiction, but we already have the "notes" tab, that, since his creation could be used for this. And plus, without a template competing for space, user can have all of his space for create his system notes.
iii) Unfortunatelly, the idea of edit comments never worked well. For exemple, if user want to edit a coment inside a cell of a table, [ENTER] don't skip for next line, but that create a new cell.

Well, that's my opinion wink

"A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it's not that good."