The notes features were actually made to allow the user to make his personal comments (or notes). The template stuff just went in additionally since it makes it easier to fill the notes with data that's already available, and optionally add comments at the same time, but it's never been the main intention to use it ONLY with templates -- though it's a nice use case smile.

The two editing tool-bars can be hidden, BTW. The menu bar can't right now, simply because I have not yet found a nice way to re-enable it (other than in a more or less unrelated dialog). But since this is still a WYSIWYG editor, it actually makes sense to have the menu and its actions available at all times wink... the tool-bars are just alternative places to trigger some of the menu actions and can thus be seen as optional.

You're not forced to use it as a notes editor, though, and can use it as a read only detail through templates...

I'm not sure what I should answer to your comment about the setup of notes-templates... it would actually make no difference if this feature were 'specialized' or 'doubled' for your suggested use case or not smile. Also, there has been ONE question about where to configure templates in the past (at least only one that I know of) and that doesn't convince me that new users really have trouble setting this up.

The editing capabilities are limited, I'm aware of this, but they still allow everything you need (and will sooner or later be improved anyway).

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