Could the favourite's page have a view option with a grid of LARGE icons with that nifty drop shadow effect thats on your templates folder (and the round edges is pretty cool too)

also could the grid be customisable I.E. 3x4 or 5x8 or 20x10 etc

options for just icons , icons with names (above , below) coloured text, text size , icon size , show a picture or an icon etc

something like this....(I mocked this up)

and if you really want to go mad have a favourites game's tab with large pictures/icons the same way.
so if you wanted a game of 'The Legend of Zelda' you would start up qmc2, goto 'Game Favourite's' and launch the cover box of 'Zelda II' for NES , the cover box of Zelda (A link to the past) for the snes or the cover box of 'Majora's Mask' for the N64 and qmc2 would load the correct emulator and software

you having previously made them a favourite game.

so a mix of games for all the consoles in a tab on the machine list side.

again something like this...