I don't know if this is possible but I think there should be an option to run a script with the software list that will load software on computers automatically.

for E.G.
I grew up with a ZX81,Spectrum,Sam Cˇupe,Amiga,PC then consoles (snes,n64 etc)

so for me loading software into the ZX Spectrum is a breeze press 'J' then 'Symbol Shift' and 'P' twice <enter>....this would give LOAD "" <enter>

BUT to load a game off a microdrive needed 'RUN' which was the 'R' key (and that was the boot option) if you needed a different file loading it would require something like this...

LOAD *"m";1;"program name"

even I had to look that up and I had a ZX Spectrum with Microdive (26 years ago)

so a script that would know what software needed which commands to get it running.

Running software on a system that I have never seen would be impossible if there is no help

and most people will give up if LOAD "" fails.

people could contribute scripts for system software and over time any game could be automatically loaded and used without knowing about every system in MESS.

of course this option could be disabled for people that like the old way of doing things.

Even if Mess has to change to accept this. I think it will be a step forward.