Hi, friends!
The Ultimate templates are coming!
And I'll add support for each language that have in QMC2 smile

But, for that been possible, it's will be great if Emuversal Users could help with translations of these words/expressions in each language.
I tried to dry the maximum to use the less possible of information in words, to easy the translation process...
These is a example of translation of the content to English to Portuguese.
(english words inside the []. Translation after the = )
		trMap['pt' + 'Support'] = 'Suporte';
		trMap['pt' + 'Image source'] = 'Fonte da imagem';
		trMap['pt' + 'your default directory'] = 'seu diretório padrão';
		trMap['pt' + 'No image availiable'] = 'Imagem não disponível';
		trMap['pt' + 'Manufacturer'] = 'Fabricante';
		trMap['pt' + 'Release Date'] = 'Lançamento';
		trMap['pt' + 'Players'] = 'Nº de Jogadores';
		trMap['pt' + 'Clone of'] = 'Clone de';
		trMap['pt' + 'MAIN SYSTEM'] = 'SISTEMA PAI';		
	  trMap['pt' + 'Emulator Info'] = 'Informações do Emulador';
		trMap['pt' + 'System Info'] = 'Informações do Sistema';		
	  trMap['pt' + 'Show sources'] = 'Mostrar fontes';
		trMap['pt' + 'TVMode'] = 'ModoTV';
	  trMap['pt' + 'Fix Headers'] = 'Headers Fixos';			  
		trMap['pt' + 'Black Column'] = 'C.Negra';
		trMap['pt' + 'Image Transition'] = 'T.Img.';
	  trMap['pt' + 'Search Extra Images'] = 'Busc.Img.Ex';

Now I want to do the same with all the languages compatible (DE, ES, SV, IT, PL, EL, RO, FR)


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