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A couple of suggestions....

1.could qmc2 remember the window size's for each tab
with the 'notes' tab I like the whole right side to be visible
but with the 'software list' I like half 'list' and half 'Project Mess'

so when each tab is selected the windows adjust's automatically to how I set them up.

I'm not sure I get it... actually all the widgets are organized in tabs, and nearly every aspect is restored... or are you talking about notes templates?

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2.Don't know if this has been mentioned but a tab for a PDF,TXT reader called 'Manuals'
This would be a bit like the 'software list' except when you double click on an item (in the list) it would open a PDF,txt or picture viewer window (depending on the extension) (good way of storing docs)

It's on the TODO list and regarding the PDF reader, there's already a JavaScript PDF renderer in the source, just not yet hooked up to some sort of "file-picker".

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