some more snaps of working BS-X only games

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Summing up, BSX status is:
* base unit : glitchy, flash access basically not implemented
* base unit + memory pack : mostly not working, as a result of incomplete emulation
* BS-X compatible games (ASCII Tskuru games etc.) : almost working,
* BS-X compatible games + memory pack : not implemented yet

about the rest of the code:
- LoROM and HiROM work pretty much as well as current code (just a few glitches I still have to track down)
- NEC DSP games mostly work like in current snesdsp (except for DSP3/DSP4 which suffer of some glitches, maybe related to the above ones)
- Seta ST-010/ST-011, SuperFX, S-DD1, SPC7110 & Sufami Turbo all work to the same extent of current drivers
- CX4 requires CPU properly implemented to remove the current hacky implementation
- other unsupported add-ons are still unsupported wink

Once the current code is cleaned up a bit, I will commit the progresses for larger testing...