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* BS-X compatible games + memory pack : not implemented yet

Are these slotted BS-X games like SD Gundam G Next (J) + the data pack�s?

that one, plus Same Game with the alt character data pack, plus the ASCII games supporting data pack as extension (these games just cannot read yet data from the data pack).
none of these are supported right now in my wip code, nor will probably be supported when I commit the code, but the new code builds the fundaments for later improvements which were not possible before smile

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How about to support ST-018 and MSU-1?

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- other unsupported add-ons are still unsupported wink

all add-ons will be supported eventually (including SA-1 and SuperGB), just not yet...
the main obstacle is my limited time in this period (+ my limited experience with writing CPU cores), anyway there is always hope that some other dev jumps in to help once the new code is in and MESS stops needing a new clone systems for every additional CPU wink