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OK. The new code has been added to the project. I still haven't found the bug causing glitches democratically on several carts of every types, so I don't suggest the new drivers above the old one, however a few improvements should be noted in view of overall progress...

1. games with add-on chips now are expected to contain the add-on dump into the romset (softlist has been updated accordingly). this is a more accurate representation of the real carts of course and will allow to remove fake clone drivers eventually
2. the new emulation does not need anymore to rely on the fake cart type introduced ages ago by emulator: ExHiROM and ExLoROM are now treated as plain HiROM/LoROM, which is something I wanted to implement for a long time smile
3. Sufami Turbo carts and BSX memory packs are now into separate lists, because they cannot be loaded into the main system directly so they are a different medium to all extents
4. The new driver does not save anymore huge amounts of NVRAM for games not having it, i.e. say goodbye to 1MB of NVRAM for e.g. Super Metroid. Now only the appropriate amount of NVRAM is saved (allowing the game to probably share sram saves with other emus...). This was a very old bug also tracked at bugzilla, so I'm very happy to have it fixed even if it took ages
5. Star Ocean saves progresses with the new driver (and the game seems to work without glitches, at least as long as I played it), which I think it was not happening before but I could be wrong...

Nice smile

You plan to make a separate list for MSU-1 based games like Super Road Blaster (just for archiving)?
I know, Super Road Blaster is a unofficial LD port and the driver doesn�t support it at moment.
The game is working on the original hardware by using the sd2snes cart.