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Relate issues with snesnew in tests is useful in this time of development?

ok. now snesnew is officially supported and tests are welcome, as long as you don't report broken bsx memory pack emulation (which is known to be defective, as soon as a memory pack has to be loaded to the flash memory).

OTOH, I'd be very interested to know if there is anything which works in snes and does not in snesnew, or any regression compared to 0.148 (or 0.148u1).

Games broken both in snes and snesnew are slightly less important to report because our driver is still quite behind higan (e.g. most Human titles which do not like current cycle steal code in the CPU, or pilotwings, or tg3k glitches), but given that we have lost the wiki page containing the snes bug list feel free to report these as well