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I did see some changes which made it look like a lot more was being pumped through the memory system, although didn't analyse them to see if it was just the diff tricking my eyes.

passage through memory system is more or less the same, only checks for addon chips are now done in mess/drivers/snes.c instead of mame/machine/snes.c
also the code is quite specular between snesnew and the 'legacy' drivers snes/snessfx/snesdsp (which are still as fast as before)

the real culprit is probably the slot code: even if the passthrough is installed only once at start, for whatever reason the access to the rom through the slot device slows down as if some check is performed at each access
I had been told that once all drivers are modernized this could improve, but every time I tried to find where the problem was exactly I got lost in the various casts

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banpija still locks up at the same place as in snes

The cart is protected and protection is still not emulated (which motivates the supported="no" in the xml list).
The accesses are similar to Pokemon, which is now emulated, but not the same...