yeah, most test carts show that we are not emulating fully the SNES. frown
I plan to revisit the video code at some point (especially to improve mosaic, but it might help some of these tests too), but not very soon, because once I'm done with current SNES job, I have NES awaiting for me. wink

on other news, I have gone through some more testing to be sure that expanded roms work fine with the new code as they were doing with the old one (we support since years LoROM & HiROM up to 8MB without need of any custom build wink ), and the results are definitely good

Dragon Quest 3 translation works in snesnew like it does in snes

same for Super Demo World

finally, Tafoid has done one of his great automated testruns through the whole softlist, showing that no evident regressions or crashes appear using snesnew vs snes (i.e. nothing goes wrong in the first seconds of emulation). hence, I will soon start the work to merge the slot implementation into the main snes driver