This is for Windows 2000 (2000 original and SP1 are known to work, and these instructions are generally true for NT 4 as well).

FAIR WARNING: this install will take several hours on a machine that runs ct486 at 100% speed and longer on one that doesn't. On machines capable of going above 100%, I highly recommend turning off the throttle any time you don't have to type something.

Step 1: After doing the general PC setup in the post above, extract the boot floppy as well, and get an ISO and product key for the Windows version you plan to install. We can't help you find them, and of course we encourage you only to install operating systems you legally own.

Step 2: start ct486 with some additional parameters: mess ct486 -ramsize 64M -hard1 win2k.chd -flop1 win98boot.ima -cdrom whatever.iso (change whatever.iso to your Windows install disc).

Step 2a: If you think you'll want to use networking later to get the emulated Windows online, you can save some steps by adding -isa4 ne2000 now.

Step 3: After the system boots up to an A:\> prompt, type sys a: c: and press Enter. You should see this:

Step 4: Type d: and press Enter.

Step 5: Type cd i386 and press Enter.

Step 6: Type winnt and press Enter. Accept the default option for where to copy the files. You'll see this warning:

Just press Enter to continue. Files will copy.

When you reach the end of copying, like so:

Close MESS (press ScrLock on Windows/Linux, Delete on OS X to change to partial keyboard mode, then Esc to exit, or simply close the MESS window with your mouse).

Step 7: Restart MESS without the floppy disk inserted. So remove -flop1 win98boot.ima from the previous commandline. You should boot to this:

Just press Enter on the default as shown and setup will continue after a moment:

When you get here, just press Enter.

It will ask you to agree to the license, press F8 to do that.

Choose the default, drive C:, by pressing Enter.

Leave it intact, by pressing Enter.

Windows may ask to reboot at this point, press Enter if it does and wait for it to reboot. This will place you back at the start of step 7.

(continued in next post)

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