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Here's a couple of suggestions for the UME side of QMC2.

The first one would be something like this:

This would allow for filtering the MESS games the same way the MAME games can be filtered, further merging both sides of UME.

Also, since the available home systems are mixed with different arcade games of all kinds, perhaps things could get a bit more organized by allowing to have both arcades and home systems classified by source file?

This way, for example, the Neo-Geo arcade games could be grouped just like the Genesis games in the screenshot above, and the same would happen with other arcade games of the same kind (games running on Pac-Man hardware, System 32 arcades, etc).

Also, Mega Drive and Genesis, Famicom and NES, etc, would be grouped under the same "folder", as well, which would be somewhat handy.

And that's it. Not sure if you'll find these as useful as I do. =|

ICEKnight: You can use Shideravan software templates, that already have support for showing all of that information smile

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