I'm not sure if I really get all of what you want wink (please try to make one clear request at a time), but you DID notice the "automatic snap-name adjustment" feature in QMC2's software-list support?! From the wiki:

The third toggle-button (camera icon, new since v0.38) will enable/disable the so called automatic snap-name adjustment. When this feature is enabled, QMC2 will launch the emulator with a suitable value for the '-snapname' parameter so that it creates clean path-names for snapshot files (F12). Per default, they are chosen in a way so that the image files can directly be used with the software-list feature, without the hassle of renaming / reorganizing images afterwards (but you may still have to move them to a different folder perhaps, depends on your setup). You can also configure the exact naming pattern, if you will -- hold the button down for its menu and select Adjust pattern.

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