Well, MAME currently has more than 12x as much sets as MESS (i.e. 28495 vs. 2276 in MAME SVN r22104). Taking that fact into account it's actually quite fast.

I can't change this basically, but there are some ways to speed things up by disabling ROM state filtering, additional DAT sources etc. However, with all that enabled it takes just about 18 seconds here (~14 seconds when QMC2's caches are already cached by the file-system, ext4 here).

Note that if you only want to "play the games", there's also "QMC2 Arcade" which loads in less than a second. Only because it doesn't process all the data...

That said, there are probably ways to speed things up a bit here and there, but I doubt that it's really worth the hassle. Whenever I find a way to do things faster I usually revise relevant code if possible, but I'm pretty sure that the initial loading is already mostly optimized. Don't forget that all the data has to be inserted in the views which is a major act. Only Qt itself can speed this up (and there are some areas where Qt 5 actually DOES this, for instance QMap's which are implemented differently in Qt 4 vs. Qt 5, and QMC2 makes great use of them).

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