To install Desqview/X with networking. Requires a bit of DOS knowledge and a bit of X11 knowledge for the X remote stuff.

1. Create an hdd image. Your best bet is a 504MB image with 1024,16,63 chs geometry. Refer above for NVRAM setup.
2. Get Desqview/X floppy images. Symantec doesn't seem to care so they aren't hard to find.
3. Use the at486 or ct486 driver. at486 works fine with 64MB of ram now so using ct486 isn't necessary any more. Use "-isa3 3c503" on the command line.
4. Use Fdisk to partition the image, format it and use sys to install MS-DOS (best 5 or 6.xx). Desqview/X requires QEMM which seems to hate FreeDOS. Make sure you have "FILES=50" in your Config.sys.
5. Remove the install floppy and reboot.
6. Get CuteMouse (for mouse support obviously) and TLIVESA.COM (for higher res video modes with the ET4000, unneeded if using the S3) and use a floppy image to transfer them into your hdd image. Easiest to run them from your Autoexec.bat.
7. Mount the first dvx floppy and type "a:install" at the dos prompt.
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8. It will ask for owner info and the serial number. Use Express Install unless you really want to configure something.
9. Select the video mode. If you use the S3 or TLIVESA you'll get more options than just 640x480x16.
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10. QEMM optimize will run. Just use Express. It'll reboot a few times.
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11. You can now run Desqview by typing "dvx" at the command line.
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For the next bit you must have a mess binary built with networking. "USE_NETWORK=1" on the make command line if you built it yourself.

12. You'll need LSL.COM from this package and TCPIP.EXE from this package (both are freeware from Novell). You'll also need the 3c503 ODI driver (get it here) as the NE2000 ODI driver doesn't work currently.
Here's a NET.CFG that works. Change the IP address and router to whatever is correct for your network and put it in the same path as the network programs.
Link Driver 3c503
	PORT 300
	INT 3
	FRAME Ethernet_II

Link support
	Buffers 4 1504
	MemPool 8096
	Max Stacks 4

Protocol TCPIP
Run them from a bat file in the order lsl, 3c503 and tcpip last.
13. Run nsetup from the desqview directory. Novell should be the only network option. Use whatever you want for user and RSH, REXEC and FTP select no unless you know what you are doing.
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14. Run remote X11 software.
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Note, most modern X11 apps, even xterm from xorg (shown is rxvt), don't work. Gtk+ apps require xrandr and QT apps just don't work.