Hello! I love the qmc2. It allows me to manage my roms, as well as providing a front end. Best of all, it is for multiple operating systems!

As a novice to this app, as well as mame in general, I may be able to provide a different perspective for suggestions to this awesome app.

  • Appling stylesheets to the app seems useless to me. Just focus on a simple, native looking design.
  • Icon bar duplicate functions within the apps menu bar. DRY - Don't Repeat Yourself! You could easily do without the icon bar.
  • Top-right quadrant has too many tabs. Text when fullscreen on my 27" iMac still get cut off. Text and icons are not necessary. This area needs to be thought out and redesigned. It isn't working well.
  • MP3 player is pointless. A similar function could possibly be added to the qmc2-arcade.
  • Logs could be displayed in a seperate window upon request. There is no need to have so much information displayed in one window all the time. Keep it simple.
  • Create option to exclude bios from game list.
  • Demo mode should be an option within qmc2-arcade, with zero pause, activated on preset time of inactivity, and cancelled on keystroke. It should function similar to a screen saver.

  • Keep the theme as simple as possible. A background image and floating bubbles is unnecessary. Simply a black background will do.
  • When there is only a few games, moving down the list removes previous games off the screen.
  • Clicking or selecting a game launches it. A player one icon that duplicates this function is unnecessary. Don't Repeat Yourself!
  • I can't see how the search feature would work with an iPac. I would look into designing your app with the simplicity seen with the apple tv. It's GUI is clean and intuitive with its limited controls. It simply works.
  • mp3 player could be an alternative to demo mode for qmc2-arcade, or it could be played until a preset amount of time when demo mode would kick in.

These are just my ideas. Keep of the great work. I hope to see qmc2 continue to grow! Myself using mac and linux leaves my options limited.

Thank you!

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