Many thanks for your outstanding work on the pencil, sir!

preminary reports suggest that 2 gaming cards exist (mousetrap and the diver game). A possible third game has been reported: le jardin secret (the secret garden) but this remains to be confirmed. It would seem that pencil owners would have to buy the coleco atapter to enjoy a lengthly collection of games.
as far as cassetes are concerned, situation is unknown, but reports suggest the existence of a demonstration cassette given along with the comp.

the my silicium french community (which has worked on the excelvision) possess the pencil carts it seems and could possibly attempt a dump. Could you give me specifics on the basic cart? Was it close to a coleco cart? Was it a new format? Was it dumped easily?

also, since you happen to be in australia, would you have happened to hear of the haminex hmg 7900? Should you find one on your path, it would be interesting to keep.