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The QMC2 installation can live completely independent from the MAME and MESS installations, so there's actually no use in separating the variants, but it's also a matter of taste...

Yeah, but i am not talking about MAME/MESS installations, but about their data folder in QMC2 where you store flyers, snaps and co.

I really like the idea to store everything frontend related in this folder, but if you want to be able to easily check files with Clrmame, you can't mix MESS and MAME files in one folder (even if i think it wouldn't be a problem from the QMC2 POV), so you have to create separate data folders for mess and mame. And when you are at this point, it's not illogical to consider having completely separate QMC-Mame and QMC-Mess folders (that way you can keep the QMC2 folder settings at defaut instead of having to change them for each variant).

That was my point. But having the variants in the same folder is what i have now and it works well. It only asks for a little bit of configuration at first start (or when like me, you have to start over cause you have formatted your drive by mystake :p)