Submitting some of my WIP: pc: remove unused ibm5150_ppi8255_interface mc1502: FDC xtal freq is 16 MHz pc, ec1841: unbreak DBG_LOG macro asst128: another PC XT clone ec1841: add softlist, set 'v2' as default BIOS to avoid resets ie15: new driver: 15IE-00-013 serial terminal

ROMs/software/notes: asst128 ROMs ie15 ROMs ec1841 software brief article on asst128 brief article on ie15

asst128 needs work -- it's unclear if it has the DMA chip, f.e., but the BIOS at least displays the startup logo:
[Linked Image from]

ie15 also needs work -- native keyboard is not hooked up, video emulation is a bit inaccurate, and it abuses the bitbanger.

ec1841 software is working -- f.e. the tests on "tps-2.2.14" disk are useful to find emulation bugs; at the moment the CPU test fails due to some DMA breakage).