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Regarding the data dir option... well, you're not completely wrong with what you're saying wink , but I recall there's been a reason for an individual option, at least on UNIX/Linux and/or in the past... will check if it's still required, I've forgotten the details (it's a rather old option, and QMC2 meanwhile is 7 years old smile!).

@remax: I've checked if the individual data directory option is still required... and yes, besides the installation related stuff on Linux/UNIX and Mac OS X (make option DATADIR, which also directly presets the DataDirectory option system-wide on these OSs), the option's value is required internally to automatically find the documentation/help files in 'data/doc/html/<lang>/' and all dynamically loaded (but nevertheless "static") images from 'data/img/' -- most, but not all, "static" images & icons are embedded in the binary.

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