Installing Xenix 8086:

1. Create a chd as above but with "-chs 613,4,17". AFAIK, that is only geometry that will work with the MFM device.
2. Start MESS with an XT or PC driver: ibm5150, ibm5160, pc, pcmda etc (as of right now, the default pcmda bios won't boot floppies). Personally, I prefer the MDA video to CGA for text mode stuff. xtvga will have corrupt video. Put the N1 floppy in fd drive 1.

2. Put the in N2 floppy when it says "Insert filesystem floppy".
3. Press 'y' when asked to overwrite the entire disk and '2' for "Use Entire disk for XENIX" then 'q' to exit program.

4. Press 'q' to skip the bad sector table generation, just select the default swap size and 'n' to "control over the layout of the XENIX partition".

5. "Making filesystems" will take a minute or two. Insert the N1 floppy and reboot.

6. At the XENIX Boot prompt type: "xenix rootdev=hd(40,0)" and it will boot with the hdd as the root filesystem.

7. It'll run fsck after starting the kernel.

8. It'll ask for your serial number and activation key then it'll have you swap floppies as it installs the bulk of the OS.

9. Give your time zone.

10. You'll now have installed the N-install and B-base disk sets. If you have more, press '2' to install them here.

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